Elen John-Morris (President)

This ginger spice is back after a year of chirpsing the Stevenage locals #sugardaddy and boy are we ready! Also known as Alan (don’t ask), our favourite pocket rocket is ready to take SKUM by the reins and cover it with glitter (it'll be biodegradable don’t you worry, save those turtles and protect our winters). First lifts and the last to go home, this girl knows what SKUM is all about. To find your way to this girls heart, you’ve got to be a welsh speaking, rugby loving, freestyle snowboarder (she doesn’t ask for much does she?!). She claims she can land a ’quintuple cork’, but really she’s the biggest Jerry of them all.

Freya Marshall (VP & Merch)

Your beloved SKUM mum was too worried to leave her liabilities (yes that’s you lot) in the hands of Elen and Suzuki, so here’s to another year of trip breakfasts in bed, packed lunch on the mountain and her usual floppy antics. Piste skiing is for the faint-hearted, this former seasonaire needs her daily dose of backcountry pow before making her way to après, just don’t trust her when she’s got a bottle of red wine in hand because it’s all downhill from there. We can’t wait for our Merch Queen to make SKUM the steeziest club on the mountain two years running. P.S. Freya is STILL on the lookout for her trip boyfriend, please email all applications to xoxo

Anna Suzuki (VP & Race Captain)

Known for her ability to ‘befriend’ Race Captains from Edinburgh to Sussex, this speed demon is ready to chirpse SKUM to top of the podium: the BUCS points will be flowing, and the DMs will be popping. She’ll be racing down to après to meet her drunk alter ego so you better come to training if you want to keep up with Suzuki Swift (emotionally and physically). She loves racing so much that she goes nowhere without her rolled up salopettes and luminous yellow pole guards, including off-piste #didyouknowirace. We must apologize in advance to any thicc boi that tries to charm this one, she can’t be tamed, trust us, we’ve tried.

Jack Foreman (Media)

Our former Sendmeister is back again, this time he’s swapped his stunt sticks for a fancy shmancy camera. In charge of capturing us at our finest (and maybe not so fine) moments, Mr Foreman is going to make your Instagram feed pop, those pictures of après won’t take themselves you know #candidspls. With his silky long locks and tall stature, you would expect him to break your heart but worry not, Jack is, unexpectedly, a gentleman that would be more than willing to help freshers find their way. Upset that he isn’t the leading pint downer on committee anymore #dethroned, he will impress you by making you #instafamous in his sexy SKUM edits.

Thomas di Paola (Secretary)

Our sexy french Secretary is in charge of keeping you up to date with all things SKUM, apart from organising beginners lessons, he’ll also be sliding into those DMs all year round, so keep an eye out. Thomas is a rare species to which we have named ‘freeracer’, yes this boy can do both! When he’s not busy speeding and stunting down the dry slope this PPE student is no stranger to some SKUM style après, drinking pints out his ski boot. Speaking of shoes, anyone who can find Thomas’s missing shoe please message us, the poor boy has been walking around in odd shoes for the past month #donationswelcome.

Jonah Rossiter (Social Sec)

Après King did we hear you say? As the master of fancy dress (and getting naked), Jonah is going to be bringing us the classic SKUM tomfoolery and debauchery that we all know and love. Everywhere he goes, Jonah is the life and soul of the party to the extent that drag queens all over the country have banned him from their venues after stealing their spotlight in Edinburgh. Known to whack his guitar out of nowhere and serenade everyone with a rendition of Wonderwall, we can’t think of anyone more ‘Fallow’ than Jonah to be SKUM’s seshmeister.

Georgia McHale (Social Sec)

Every Après King needs his Après Queen and no one is better suited than Georgia. Having shown us her entrepreneurial skills in the format of business cards, this ball of energy is not afraid to venture into the crowd of unsuspecting freshers to lure them into the paradise that we know as SKUM. We’re sure that her good looks and amazing chat will help her secure SKUM some sweet sweet drinks deals to help fuel our fun. We can’t wait for all the exciting party games she’ll have us doing #passtheparcel.

Louis Russell (Holidays)

Always spotted around Friendship with his NUCO merch on, Louis has finally convinced us that he actually works for them (we thought he just stole them). As the current reigning SKUM womanizer, Louis will make sure to get you the cheapest and best deals in the Alps by doing what he does best: chirpsing and telling people he works for NUCO. He also holds the record time for downing a pint and we’re sure he’ll be the first at après to challenge you to it. There’s serious gnar points up for grabs to whoever can strip him of his NUCO merch - let the games begin and may the odds ever be in your favour #businessandpleasure.

Elliot Michael (Brand Manager)

With his curly locks and blue eyes, Elliot has always been SKUM eyecandy. We’re hoping his good looks and serious charm will tempt sponsors into giving us the best deals SKUM has ever known. When he’s not busy finding us the hottest discount deals in the country, our Brand Manager can be found playing with his 5ft python (yeh we don’t wanna know either). The snake charmer is always willing to go the extra mile when it comes to SKUM shenanigans, we know our fundraising efforts will be left in the best of hands.

Cris Perea Del Omo (Freestyle Captain)

Ladies and gents, we are proud to introduce Cris as your Steeze Queen for the year. This sexy stunter can teach you a thing or two about getting those freestyle tricks on lockdown, be it by charming the judges or throwing herself off the jump at Alpe d’Stoke. You better get in there first at training as she’s yet to be cuffed (well that's not technically true… but we digress) and is always on the lookout for ways to use her trusty infamous handcuffs.

Louis Higgins (Board Captain)

After a gap yah spent finding himself and petting elephants in Thailand, we proudly present Louis as SKUM’s FIRST EVER Board Captain!!! This speedy boi is ready to organise our fellow one planked, sideways sliding companions at training and competitions up and down the country. Not afraid to get fully involved with SKUM style fancy dress, this one loves to crossdress, let’s just hope it wins us some prizes at Kings! Louis is famous for his drunken disorderly antics often resulting in him passing out in inappropriate places, like on the dry slope or in other people’s beds (ssh, we won’t tell Iona).

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